Iron Oxide Red
Kimpigment®-Iron Oxide Red range from light color shade to deep red shade with outstanding quality in tinting strength and color resistance. Also, they have the superior light fastness and weather/UV stability so that often recommend used in paints, coatings and coloring construction materials.
Iron Oxide Yellow
Kimpigment®-Iron Oxide Yellow pigments are very good color shade, it is bright and yellowish, which make it widely used as colorant for cement products and paintings.
Iron Oxide Black
Iron oxide black is produced from scrap iron, so its color is much darker and has excellent coloring power. They are usually mainly used in paints, coatings, plastics, etc.
Blending Color
Kimpigment®-Blending colors like Iron oxide brown, orange, green and chrome oxide show very good color shade and enable it apply to more field like paints, Coatings, Paving stone, Bricks, Roofing tile, Concrete block etc.

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