Polyurethane Thickener
Vinkotech PU 2021 is a kind of Polyurethane thickener, always used in the high end wall paints as high shear (ICI viscosity) thickener for good roller and brush properties. Vinkotech PU 2021 can replace partial HEC in paints formulation.
Defoamer or anti-foam agent is a chemical additive that reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial process liquids. Commonly used agents are insoluble oils, polydimethylsiloxanes and other silicones, certain alcohols, stearates and glycols. The additive is used to prevent formation of foam or is added to break a foam already formed. Vinkotech ES series defoamer is a wide range which can be used in kinds of paints, emulsion, dry mixed mortar and other system which anti-foam is necessary.
Calcium Formate
Kimcalcium® 98CF is widely used as additives for building materials especially in dry-mix system. It can shorten the coagulation time for getting reliable performance. By accelerating hardened speed in the low temperature, it improves stability, solution and workability of formulations.
Tartaric Acid
Tartaric acid is a dihydroxysuccinic acid that is the most important retardant in cementitious and gypsum-based building materials.
Polyvinyl alcohol is an important chemical raw material used in the manufacture of polyvinyl alcohol acetal, gasoline resistant pipes and vinylon , fabric treatment agents, emulsifiers, paper coatings, adhesives, glues and etc.
Other pigments
Beside iron oxide and titanium dioxide pigments, Kimix also supply our customers high quality pigments like pearl pigment, chrome oxide green, yellow, red, ultramarine blue and prussian blue.

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