Iron Oxide Red 130

Iron oxide red 130 is an inert, non-toxic and high-quality inorganic pigment produced by mixed acid process. Due to the stable chemical composition and structure, it is insoluble in water and diluted acids, resistant to acid, lime and alkaline as well as absolutely weather and light stable.

Chemical Formula: Fe2O3 xH2O(x≤1)
Tamped Density (g/cm3): 0.7-1.1
Heat stability(℃): 350~400
Particle size: 97%≤45µm
Particle shape: Spherica
Typical properties

Fe2O3 content

96% min

Tinting strength


320μ Residue on Sieve

0.3% max

Moisture (105℃)

1.0% max

Oil absorption (g/100g)


pH value


Water soluble

0.3% max


Iron oxide red 130 is characterized by its good opacity, high tinting strength, outstanding light fastness, strong absorption of ultraviolet light and fine dispersing, which make it widely used as colorant for cement products and paintings.

Main uses:

Paving stone
Concrete block
Roofing tile

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