Titanium Dioxide For Plastic

Kimix Titanium Dioxide pigment can be applied in a broad range of plastics, PVC, PE, PS, PU, and masterbatch, polyolefin thin film, ABS engineering plastics, also be available in rubber, printing ink and leather color paste.

Popular Types and main Property
Articles Rutile R92 Rutile R93 Anatase KA100
Tio2 content,% 92 min 93 min 98 min
Rutile content,% 97 min 98 min -
Inorganic coating Si, Al Zr, Al -
Oil absorption, g/100g 22 max 21 max 26 max
Color L 97min 98min 98min
Color b 2.4max 2.4max 1.5max

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